Class Year: 2019
Major: Chemical Engineering and Management
Hometown: New York City, NY
High School: Eleanor Roosevelt High School
Position: Port/Starboard
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170

大家好,我的名子是王泽旺.我从纽约市来的. 我上大学的时候开始划船. 我加入了划船队,因为我想结交新朋友,并保持健康. 因为我来自纽约市,我真的很喜欢,当我有机会的时候会点一个?️acon 鸡蛋和奶酪三明治. 有时,我的朋友叫我 thiccque,但他们不知道我只是吃得好. 你好妈妈爸爸!我的哥哥也在上大学, 他没事.

Hello, everyone, my name is Ryan Wang, I’m from New York City, I started rowing when I was in college. I joined the Crew team because I wanted to make new friends and stay healthy because I’m from New York City.  I really like Timbz and when I get a chance I’ll order a ?️acon egg and cheese sandwich. My friend sometimes calls me thiccque but they do not know I just eat well.

Hello Mom and Dad!

My brother is in college, he’s fine.”