Team Captain 2018-19

Class Year: 2019
Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ
High School: Seton Hall Prep
Position: Starboard
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185

Ryan McSherry started rowing his freshmen year at Bucknell. In high school he pitched on the varsity baseball team and was the kicker and punter for the varsity football team. He also played what is quite possibly the best position in all of sports; backup quaterback. Rowed in the freshmen 8 for his freshmen year and sat bow seat in the varsity 8 for his sophomore year. After a silver medal at ACRAs he went with the varsity 8 to row at the Henley Royal Regatta. While there he wore bright orange pants for no less than 5 days and received no less than 4 free drinks solely for the pants. As nice as these accomplishments seem he is most proud of the day he was told he had to stroke a novice 8 on port early in his junior fall because “the numbers didn’t work out” and was told he “wasn’t the biggest problem in the boat.” He also stroked the freshmen 8 early in his freshmen spring(Lord knows why) until it was absolutely clear beyond any doubt that he had no idea what he was doing. Despite having a very talented freshmen class the freshmen 8 went on to have an aggressively mediocre year. Then in his sophomore year a boat of misfit lightweight and just barely heavier than lightweight rowers had a passively mediocre year until they pulled a silver medal at the ACRAs literally out of their asses. Hobbies include getting hypothermia at the Knecht Cup(@NYU), nearly sinking at the Knecht Cup, rowing in races decided by a half second or less, and doing a sport that is utterly miserable and has very few if any redeeming qualities(but hey why not, right?).