Class Year: 2023
Major: Undeclared, Political Science
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
High School: Taipei American School
Height: 5’10
Weight: 155


I grew up in New York City, but I moved to Taipei, Taiwan in 2015 and attended Taipei American School for high school. It took me a long time to fully adjust to life in Taipei, but in retrospect, moving to Asia has certainly been the most culturally eye-opening experience in my life. The main struggle I faced in Taipei was having to watch NFL games at 3 am on school nights; I basically pulled an all-nighter once every week just to watch my favorite team, the New York Giants, get destroyed. I think Bucknell Men’s Crew Team should try to recruit Saquon Barkley because 1) that would be so cool 2) his legs are massive.

When I lived in New York, I fenced sabre for six years. I began to fence competitively as I got older, but unfortunately had to quit after moving to Taipei because fencing was not popular in Taiwan. After scrambling to find another sport, I eventually found myself running cross country and track & field. However, I was forced to sit out during my senior year due to medical conditions after consistently training under Taipei’s brutal humidity and 90°F heat. After arriving to Bucknell, I made an impulsive decision to join Bucknell Men’s Crew Team, despite having absolutely no rowing experience. I love it so far and could not have asked for a better way to transition into college.

My parents, Stephen and Candice Chen, still live in Taipei with my little brother, Marcus. Unfortunately, this means that they will unlikely be able to watch any of my races, but their unconditional love and unwavering support push me to be the best student athlete I can be. Marcus is currently in middle school and also attends Taipei American School. Sometimes he will randomly text me in the middle of the night because he forgets about the 12-hour time difference between us.