Class Year: 2022
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Suffern, NY
High School: Suffern HS
Position: Port
Height: 5’10
Weight: 155

Rowing: I started rowing in 8th grade for my school team and have been in a varsity boat since freshman. I was in my school’s lightweight 4+ boat freshman and sophomore year until I got too swole and surpassed 150lbs. My Junior and senior I rowed in my school’s senior 4+. My boat made it to Scholastic Nationals sophomore, junior and senior year. The summer going into my junior year I joined a club team called Advanced Community Rowing Association. I rowed at The Head of the Charles in 2016 and Club Nationals in 2017 with my club team.

Personal: I live in Suffern, NY which is 40 minutes north of the city. It is NOT upstate New York (my town borders the top of New Jersey).

Other: I swam from 6th grade all the way through my senior year and broke my chill record in the 200 yd. medley relay my junior year. In terms of hobbies I like ripping fat ones on the erg but also hanging a good time with my friends.

Fun Facts: If you begin quote any vine I can finish the rest of it. I’m fully Jewish (yes. both my mom and dad are Jewish) but I still celebrate Christmas. I once got a severe concussion from falling off of a play ground swing. I am NOT cousins with Taylor Swift.