Bucknell Returns to Racing This Weekend with Lehigh

It has been 17 months since the Bucknell men’s crew team competed against another school, but tomorrow that changes. The Lehigh Mountain Hawks will travel to the Susquehanna river for Bucknell’s first race of the season.

“The team is excited. We add competition into daily practices, but it’s a totally different atmosphere when you add another program into the mix,” head coach Dan Wolleben said. “We have over 40 people, and most of them have been working since last March to get back on the racecourse against another collegiate team. The energy at the boathouse tomorrow will be a lot of fun.”

While this spring will look different for the Bison than anything before 2020, everyone has been working to get racing opportunities through April and May. “The team has handled University, Athletic, and team COVID protocols very well,” said Wolleben. “Everyone has had to make sacrifices, and more than ever before we talk about the ability to adapt and move forward. While things have been different this year, our goals through the spring remain similar to every other year: develop, get faster, and have fun.”

Bucknell will row a Varsity 8, 2nd Varsity 8, and 3rd Varsity 8 against Lehigh this Saturday. The Freshman 8 that began rowing this semester will join the racing squad later this April. Following Saturday’s event with Lehigh, the team will travel to Ithaca to compete against Ithaca College on April 10.

Varsity 8 – 2018 Resolute Midweight XT
Stroke: Zach Gerhardt ’24
7: Andrew Viola ’24
6: Bobby Subak ’21
5: Davis MacKelcan ’22
4: Philip Onffroy ’22
3: Kevin Carney ’24
2: Chris Mangano ’21
Bow: Jake Bardorf ’23

2nd Varsity 8 – Class of 1985
Coxswain: Izzy Mersky ’24 & Ben Kaller ’24
Stroke: Cameron Baravalle ’24
7: Nathan Peot ’24
6: Thomas Stone ’23
5: Christian Sieck ’22
4: Luke Lambropoulos ’24
3: Jack Ressler ’24
2: Dominic Canale ’24
Bow: Aaron Swope ’22

3rd Varsity 8 – Scott Uebele ’00
Coxswain: Brody Mistrot ’21 & Emma Minadeo ’23
Stroke: Taylor LaRosa ’21
7: Brent Mankin ’23
6: Sebastian Bickford ’21
5: Jackson Ingram ’21
4: Jack Fiala ’23
3: Cian Nowak ’22 & Dan Van Syckle ’23
2: Ethan Laurens ’22 & Dan Rigby ’24
Bow: Brian Skeels ’23 & Mason Cametas ’23