Nittany Lion Chase

Bucknell Men’s Crew closed out its Fall Season with the Nittany Lion Chase this past weekend, hosted by Penn State Crew on Foster Joseph Sayers Lake, in Bald Eagle State Park. New to the calendar last year, this race was a 2000m sprint race between Bucknell, Penn State, La Salle and Susquehanna Universities. This is a great race to end out the season for the Bison as it gives the First-Years and their families that are new to the sport a chance to see what racing will be like come Spring, and even get a taste for wet-launching. Almost all rowers and coxswains raced twice, if not three times in several boat classes in order to get as much racing experience as possible. The morning events saw a slight headwind with choppy conditions that gave way to nearly zero winds and flat waters with temperatures in the 40s. Times for all races are currently unavailable.

The first event of the day was the Men’s pairs with 6 entries for Bucknell facing off 1 Susquehanna crew. In this event, all Bucknell lineups had pair partners of the same class year and was used as a chance to have a “class race.” The Bison trained all season in pairs as additional rows to help with boat feel and additional conditioning, so the Bison were well prepared heading into the race. Once aligned, all crews charged into the head-wind full force, battling for the top place. At the 1000m mark, it was clear that the upperclassmen had the upper hand with their years of  experience and surged out in front. Taking home the win for the pairs race would be Senior pair with Drew Stonnington ’19 and Duncan Ragland ’19 followed by John Leasure ’19 and Thomas Marth ’19.

Quickly follow for the Bison was the Novice 8+ event, in which Bucknell had two boats up against one from Penn State and La Salle each. Once off the finish line, Bucknell A and La Salle jumped into a neck and neck lead. Bucknell looking clean and moving nicely was out powered by the La Salle Explorers who took a lead through the middle of the race and held onto it. Right off the tail of the Bison A boat was the Bison B boat holding steady to be trailed further back by the Nittany Lion Novices. Final standings: La Salle; Bucknell A; Bucknell B; Penn State.

The third event of the day for Bucknell was another 7 boat race in the Men’s Varsity 4+ event where Bucknell would field 2 crews. With a battle through the first 1000 to take the lead, La Salle A would take victory over all other crews with Penn State A, Bucknell A, Bucknell B, Penn State B, La Salle B and Susquehanna.

After a small break in the race, the 4s launched again to this time have the Men’s Novice 4+s race them down the course. Bucknell A took a strong and early lead on the field and saw La Salle move in on them in the last 250m. Bucknell A held strong through a photo finish of just a half seat’s lead through the finish line over La Salle, with Bucknell B on their tail for 3rd place. Closing the race had Penn State in 4th and Susquehanna in 5th.

The Final race of the day for the Bison would be the Men’s Varsity 8+ event. Weather conditions calmed to almost no wind and near flat water. A quick alignment from all coxswains got the race started swiftly and promptly. All crews took off the line with clean starts and saw La Salle and Bucknell A take the early lead. This race saw two separate battles with the first between Bucknell A and La Salle A and other with all remaining crews. La Salle A seemed to take an early charge with a clear strength in their boat and Bucknell A holding on to the stern. Once past the 1000m mark, Bucknell A took shifted their attack to start gaining ground on La Salle A. Bucknell B, a length behind, fended off La Salle B, Penn State B and Bucknell B. Bucknell A would take victory in the end with La Salle A to follow, Bucknell B, La Salle B, Penn State and Bucknell B to end the racing for the day.

The Bison now move indoors to begin winter training along with the Bucknell Women. Next up is winter training in Orlando before starting the grind of Spring semester where the team will see the Annual Erg Armageddon, Spring Training on Lake Anna, Va, and onto the Championship Season.



Men’s Pairs 
Drew Stonnington ’19/Duncan Ragland ’19
John Leasure ’19/Thomas Marth ’19
Matt Brown ’20/Tom Lanphier ’20
Alex Herman ’20/Matt LaRouche ’20
Bobby Subak ’21/Taylor LaRosa ’21
Philip Pnffroy ’22/Harry Hobart ’22

Varsity 8+ A
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
8: John Leasure ’19
7: Thomas Marth ’19
6: Drew Stonnington ’19
5: Ryan McSherry ’19
4: Gunnar Vorwerk ’19
3: Tom Lanphier ’20
2: Bobby Subak ’21
Bow: Harry Hobart ’22

Varsity 8+ B
Cox: Daniel Joseph ’22
8: Matt Brown ’20
7: Matt LaRouche ’20
6: Davis MacKelcan ’22
5: Alex Herman ’20
4: Ryan Wang ’19
3: Liam Pearce ’21
2: Philip Onffroy ’22
Bow: Duncan Ragland ’19

Varsity 8+ C
Cox: Lourenco Martins ’21
8: Phil Thompson ’20
7: Christian Ruf ’22
6: Matt Dain ’22
5: Taylor LaRosa ’21
4: Christian Sieck ’22
3: Ryan Lalevee ’20
2: Sebastian Bickford ’21
Bow: Sam Jacob ’20

Novice 8+ A 
Cox: Daniel Joseph ’22
8: Nick Caravias ’22
7: Harry Hobart ’22
6: Davis MacKelcan ’22
5: Liutauras Repsys ’20
4: Philip Onffroy ’22
3: Cian Nowak ’22
2: Matt Dain ’22
Bow: Christian Ruf ’22

Novice 8+ B
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
8: Peter Foradora ’22
7: Aaron Swope ’22
6: Dirk Chisholm ’22
5: Ryan Lalevee ’20
4: Christian Sieck ’22
3: Andrei Bucaliou ’22
2: Ethan Laurens ’22
Bow: Conrad Fite ’22

Varsity 4+ A
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
4: Gunnar Vorwerk ’19
3: Liam Pearce ’21
2: Ryan Wang ’19
Bow: Ryan McSherry ’19

Varsity 4+ B
Cox: Lourenco Martins ’21
4: Sebastian Bickford ’21
3: Duncan Ragland ’19
2: Phil Thompson ’20
Bow: Sam Jacob ’20

Novice 4+ A
Cox: Daniel Joseph ’22
4: Nick Caravias ’22
3: Cian Nowak ’22
2: Peter Foradora ’22
Bow: Aaron Swope ’22

Novice 4+ B
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
4: Andrei Bucaliou ’22
3: Liutauras Repsys ’20
2: Dirk Chisholm ’22
Bow: Conrad Fite ’22