Bucknell V4s take down Navy, Rutgers

Bucknell Men’s Crew traveled to New Brunswick, NJ this weekend to compete in the Rutgers Fall Classic against Rutgers and Navy’s Lightweights and Heavyweights. As a somewhat unique event, every team is to boat their top two crews as “even” lineups with the winning team determined by the combined time of each boat. Novices race in the 8+s event and Varsity race in the 4+s event.¬†Racing conditions on the Raritan River, while sunny, had a very strong¬† head wind and head current. The 8+s events raced the full 2.5 mile course and the 4+s events were shorted to a 1.75 mile course.

Given the known weather that was to arrive, the races were kicked off early with the Men’s Novice 8+s launching first. This year, the Bison fielded two Novice boats and a third 8+ consisting of both Varsity and Novices in the 11 boat race. The race went off with coxswains having to battle many obstacles, wind, and Bucknell A posted the third fastest time of 19:44 behind Navy Lwt A (19:06) and B (19:19) but for the first time since competing at the Rutgers Fall Classic, they beat both Navy Heavyweight boats.

“The week leading up to this race, I saw this class make some tremendous strides in their boat moving ability, so I was excited to see what they could accomplish when put against two strong teams,” said Assistant Coach Francis Stripp.

With racing conditions not looking to get any better but wanting to make sure all crews got a chance to race, the Men’s 4+ event was shorted and promptly launched. Here, the Bison’s Varsity would be up against the Rutgers Varsity as well as the Navy Plebes (Novices). Bucknell B (15:30) and A (15:56) would place first and third, with Navy Hwt A (15:41) squeezing in between for second. This was the first time in several years that the Bison won the 4s event and took home the 2018 Rutgers Fall Classic Mugs.

Next up for the Bison is the Nittany Lions Chase to close out the Fall Season. This race is hosted by Penn State in the Bald Eagle State Park, PA where the crews will also see LaSalle University and Susquehanna University. The next time the Bison will be on the water will be during Winter Training on Lake Anna, Florida.


Men’s Frosh 8+ Event
1 Navy Lwt A 19:06
2 Navy Lwt B 19:19
3 Bucknell A 19:44
4 Navy Hwt B 19:58
5 Navy Hwt A 20:08
6 Navy Lwt C 20:48
7 Bucknell B 21:17
8 Rutgers A 21:27
9 Bucknell C 21:28
10 Rutgers B 25:10
11 Rutgers C 28:46

Men’s 4+ Event
1 Bucknell B 15:30
2 Navy Plebe HWT A 15:41
3 Rutgers A 15:56
4 Bucknell A 16:13
5 Rutgers B 16:18
6 Rutgers C 17:22
7 Navy Plebe HWT B 19:15
8 Navy Plebe HWT C 19:23
9 Rutgers D 20:10


Novice A – Trustee Challenge ’15
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
8: Davis MacKelcan ’22
7: Christian Ruf ’22
6: Peter Foradora ’22
5: Cian Nowak ’22
4: Philip Onffroy ’22
3: Ryan Lalevee ’20
2: Andrei Bucaliou ’22
Bow: Bill Cantwell ’22

Novice B – Scott Uebele ’00
Cox: Daniel Joseph ’22
8: Nick Caravias ’22
7: Harry Hobart ’22
6: Matt Dain ’22
5: Liutauras Repsys ’20
4: Christian Sieck ’22
3: Aaron Swope ’22
2: Dirk Chisholm ’22
Bow: Conrad Fite ’22

Bucknell C – Class of 1985
Cox: Lourenco Martins ’21
8: Phil Thompson ’20
7: Duncan Ragland ’19
6: Alex Herman ’20
5: Liam Pearce ’21
4: Sebastian Bickford ’21
3: Jackson Ingram ’21
2: Ethan Laurens ’22
Bow: Sam Jacob ’20

Varsity 4+ A – Empacher 4
Cox: Max Silverman ’22
4: Bobby Subak ’21
3: John Leasure ’19
2: Ryan Wang ’19
Bow: Tom Lanphier ’20

Varsity 4+ B – Empacher 4
Cox: Daniel Joseph ’22
4: Drew Stonnington ’19
3: Matt LaRouche ’20
2: Gunnar Vorwerk ’19
Bow: Ryan McSherry ’19


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