Team Gains Experience at the Cayuga Inlet Duals

The Bison continued their racing season last Saturday, April 1st at the Cayuga Inlet Duals. Conditions were harsh, with temperatures in the mid 30’s, light rain, and a constant headwind. Joining the Bison in Ithaca were the Cornell Lightweights, Hobart, Ithaca, the Mercyhurst Lightweights, and Franklin & Marshall. Each boat would be paired up for a morning race, then based on times would be assigned a new opponent for the afternoon.

The Men’s Varsity Eight was the first race off on the day. Matched up against the #1 nationally ranked Cornell Lightweights, the Bison knew their morning opponent would be tough. The Big Red jumped out to an early lead, and while the Bison checked their early move, Cornell proved to be too quick over the remainder of the race. Cornell would finish in a time of 6:09 with the Bison finishing in a time of 6:24.5. The second race of the day saw the Bucknell Varsity Eight matched up with Mercyhurst. The Bison sprung out to an early lead and slowly opened a wide margin on the Lakers, finishing in a time of 6:28 to Mercyhurst’s 6:41.9. The 1v was rowed by Nick Barpoulis ’17, Sam Jubb ’17, Billy Pinamont ’17, David Dayya ’20, John Leasure ’19, Dillon LaFata ’18, Andrew Stonnington ’19, Ryan McSherry ’19, and was coxed by Cami Berlin ’19.

The 2nd Varsity Eight also drew Cornell for their morning race and the race ran in a similar manner to the varsity. Cornell surged out to an early lead then continued to move away throughout the race, finishing with a time of 6:20.4 with Bucknell trailing in a time of 6:38.2. In the afternoon the 2v would be matched up with Cornell again. This race proved closer, but the Big Red were again too much for the Bison. Cornell finished in a time of 6:31.5 with Bucknell behind with a time of 6:39.7 The 2v was rowed by Thomas Marth ’19, Duncan Ragland ’19, Tom Lanphier ‘20, Mike Pallotta ’18, Alex Herman ’20, Christian Daugherty ’18, Lucas Colagrossi ’17, Pat Long ’18, and was coxed by Perry Hamilton ’18.

The 3rd Varsity Eight started the day off with a victory over Ithaca. The Bison established an early lead and extended it slowly up to a length, winning in a time of 6:53.2 to Ithaca’s 6:58.5. In the afternoon the Bison lined up against Hobart. The 3v tried to move with Hobart, keeping connection until the 750 meter mark, but Hobart proved to be too strong. Hobart would win in a time of 6:33 to Bucknell’s 6:52.2. The 3v was rowed by Gunnar Vorwerk ’19, Alex Seel ’20, John Robertshaw ’20, James Koenigsberg ’18, Matt Brown ’20, Matt LaRouche ’20, Mike Birosak ’18, Gary Tse ’19, and was coxed by Nicole Finan ’17.

The final event of the day was the 4th Varsity Eight. Drawing Cornell in the first round, the Bison would race hard but would fall to the Big Red, who won the event in a time of 6:52.6 to Bucknell’s 7:26. In the afternoon the 4v would be matched up against Ithaca. The 4v raced better in their afternoon race, but would fall to Ithaca. The Bombers would win in a time of 6:58.1 to Bucknell’s 7:17.5. The 4v was rowed by Ryan Wang ’19, David Sullivan ’20, Matt McLaughlin ’20, Phil Thompson ’20, Sam Jacob ’20, Caleb Choi ’20, Solomon Wise ’20, Sam Wiley ’17, and was coxed by Zack Schiffer ’20 in the morning race and Henry Leonardi ’18 in the afternoon race.

Next weekend will see the Bison competing at the Knecht Cup on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, NJ. Racing will begin on Saturday, April 8th and end on Sunday, April 9th. We would invite all family and friends of Bucknell Crew to join us at the tent to watch some great racing!